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How to transfer your existing website to BusinessWebFactory…

Transferring your website is a fantastic opportunity to review and improve it. As you already have a template layout, you’ll know exactly which parts work and which parts require review.

Having a website already means you have a resource of material at your disposal. This is an enormous advantage over those businesses starting from scratch. You can analyse the success of your existing website and look at how well you managed to target your best customer types.

How to use the information on your existing website…

  1. Extract all your images from your existing website and place them in a specified folder in your BusinessWebFactory website. This can be achieved by right clicking on the image to open a pop-up window. Select 'Save Picture As...' and choose a folder on your PC to save it.
  2. Extract all your content from your existing website and place it in a specified text file. This can be achieved by selecting the text, copying and pasting it to notepad or your favourite editor program.
  3. Review your existing content and categorise each page into the following groups:
    • About us:
      Pages that describe the reasons why you do what you do
    • Products:
      The individual products you market
    • Services:
      The sections of your business that provide distinct services
    • Applications:
      The different ways in which your products and services solve your customers problems
    • Information:
      Pages or data that is useful to your customers
    • Helpdesk:
      FAQ / Glossary / support / forum
    • Case Studies:
      Examples of what you can do
  4. Read the Strategy Builder section and review your existing content. Check that you have described your business as the experts in your field. Decide what the purpose of your website is, and how you can give, share and serve more.
  5. Read the Web Design Essentials section and review your existing content again. Check what areas of improvements you can make in the design decisions you have already made.
  6. Read the Writing Content section and review what pages you can improve or which extra pages need to be written.
  7. Read the Planning your Web Design section and start work on your new website!
Transferring your website could mean transforming your website into a business marketing tool that actually works. Following the guidelines within this website to find out how.
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