Using images on your website
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Using images on your website

Adding images to your website articles can make your site even more attractive but there are pitfalls that you must avoid.

Your images must be uploaded

A common mistake is to put images on your website that are stored on your computer’s hard disk. They may look great to you but won’t appear for anyone else. All images that you use on your website must be uploaded to the Business Web Factory so that they appear for everyone.

Images must be the right shape and size

Images need to be the right shape and size for the space on your website. If an image is too big it can stretch your page pushing valuable content out of sight. If it’s the wrong shape then it may be distorted if your content management system automatically resizes images. All images for Business Web Factory sites need to be “landscape” rather then “portrait”. This means they are wider than they are tall.

Drupal resizes images automatically so you should always check if an image looks good after you’ve uploaded it. If it doesn’t look right then you should try and find a better image.

What images should I use?

Images like other content are covered by copyright laws and you shouldn’t steal other people’s content. This is a policy you should adhere to no matter how tempting it may be to simply search on Google and copy and paste any image you find. There are two alternatives. Either take your own photographs or use a royalty free image.

  1. Take your own - Thanks to digital cameras adding your own images has never been easier. You’re your photographs onto your computer and upload them to your website.
  2. Royalty free images – These are professional images that you can buy and use on your website. While some online photography libraries can charge over £100 per image there is one that is a lot cheaper while still offering quality images. Visit and search for the images that you want. When you find one, or more, you like then sign up for an account, buy some credits and download your images.
Images can enhance the look and feel of your website but they can also make it appear messy. Tame your images so that they work for and not against you.
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