Why Websites Fail
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7 Reasons Why Websites Fail and How You Will Succeed

The internet is divided into the “haves” and “have nots”.

While the market is worth billions is it also full of forgotten websites that have few visitors and no sales. Here are the seven main reasons why websites fail and alternative approach that could work for you.

  1. Buying Traffic

    The biggest waste of money is unfortunately also one of the most common mistakes. Money is thrown at buying traffic. The promise of thousands of eager visitors ready to buy for a few pounds sounds too good to be true but sadly a lot of people fall for this. Even if the visitors weren’t fake it’s the same as kidnapping a bus load of people at a shopping centre and driving them to your business and expecting them to buy. It is never going to work as they are no where near ready to buy.

  2. Quick fix = slow death

    When does a quick fix ever work for more than the short term? Would you offer your customers a quick fix instant solution and not back it up with substance? I didn’t think so. Then why do so many succumb to the idea that a website can be built instantly and that’s all that needs to be done. This is the number one reason why recent research shows that 77% of all websites have never been updated and are over four years old. They were set up instantly and then forgotten. The only winners in this are the companies that sell these hollow promises and then collect monthly hosting fees while the website stands idle.

  3. Visitors come and go

    People can visit your website at anytime day or night. If you don’t actively try and capture them or their interest then they will go again never to return.

  4. Customers not hits

    Too many people get hung up over the term hits. This is the term used by those selling quick fixes and is meaningless as a single visitor, who comes and then goes, can create many hits. What counts is the actual number and quality of customers and the relationship that you build with them.

  5. Fail to plan

    As the saying goes “people don’t plan to fail they just fail to plan”. Failing to plan your website strategy means that you dabble here and there and nothing is achieved.

  6. The hard sell

    It is too easy to make this mistake and not even know it! While the website owner may think a product description and price is all a prospect needs to buy the visitor will have a very different agenda. The step to buy is just too big to make and so sales are not made and the visitor is even sacred off as they know little about the website owner or their motives.

  7. Never updated

    According to recent research that was carried out on behalf of Netflare (the company that owns the Business Web Factory), 44% of websites haven’t been updated in four years. Imagine what that says to a customer who actually visits and then revisits the site and sees that nothing has changed. Websites like shop fronts have to be kept up to date.

Luckily there is an alternative - a real, viable and sustainable alternative.

The most successful approach to website success is to discover what makes you different and use marketing to position yourself as a trusted expert.

You then fill your website with valuable impartial information, such as this article, that will slowly build up a relationship with your visitors.

This will not only ensure that they come back for more but will turn visitors into customers!

77% of websites fail by repeating these same mistakes. Learn from them and plan your success with the Business Web Factory.
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