Take the Business Web Factory challenge
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Take the Business Web Factory challenge

While we believe that the Business Web Factory is the only start-up website solution that offers you all you need for long term website success for your business we appreciate that you have a choice in a crowded online market.

Take the challenge below and see why the Business Web Factory is the right choice for your website and your business.

Misleading prices

The next time that you see a price that looks too good to be true then it probably is. Take for example, a site that offers domain names for just a few pennies each. Dig deeper and the actual price you’ll pay is considerably higher and doesn’t even approach the promoted price if you buy over 50 at one time. We couldn’t find the promoted price at all can you? Or would you prefer…

The Business Web Factory believes in transparent pricing so that you know exactly what you’ll pay and what you’ll get for it.

Number of templates

Are you impressed by the number of templates that are on offer? Does it matter if there’s a choice of 100, 500 or even a 1000? What really matters is what is beneath the template. Does the site have an efficient content management system? Is it flexible so that it grows with you? Or is it limited with an unrealistic fixed number of pages?

The Business Web Factory offers a deliberately small number of quick start templates to get you started, a choice of content management systems that grows with your business and marketing information and email courses to help build your long term success.

Help and support?

What support do you need? What support is on offer? The sad truth is that most companies offer little more than limited technical support.

The Business Web Factory offers you comprehensive marketing, design and technical support as well as informative articles and email courses to help you to get the most out of your website.

What happens next?

What happens once you’ve created your website? How are you going to get visitors? How will you attract, keep and entice those visitors to become customers? The sad truth is that most other companies fail on this which is why 77% of websites fail and are never updated. Try looking to see if the word marketing is even mentioned as without an effective marketing strategy your website will fail.

Only the Business Web Factory has the full answer - the quick start to get you going backed up with the knowledge and training to help you devise and implement a long term winning formula.

Finally a challenge for you!

What do you want for your website? Will you be seduced by pretty templates or will you look deeper and see it as the marketing tool it can be.

Only the Business Web Factory guides you throughout your website journey from getting started, to attracting customers and then nurturing them so that they become long term clients.  

Learn to look beneath the gloss and see what other sites really offer.
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