Quick start not a quick fix
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How to get your website setup instantly - backed up by a long term winning formula.

It’s easy to get started with the Business Web Factory with the quick start option that can get your website up and running in hours.

Getting your website started is simple - choose from the available options to select the template you want, buy your domain and choose your content management system. That’s where the lesser companies leave you. They may sell you some pointless traffic but your website will soon be forgotten.

Unlike those companies the Business Web Factory is different. We see the quick start option as only the beginning of your online journey and not the end.

Only the Business Web Factory follows up this quick start with all the marketing, technical and design support to make your website a long term success. Marketing is the critical word in that sentence as while it is essential to building a successful online business is it so often neglected or forgotten.

Too many business owners get blinded by the choice of 500 or even 1000 templates but this just isn’t important if the website that is created is doomed to failure.

The Business Web Factory website is different and is packed full of marketing help and advice including the “7 Week Blueprint to Success” that guides you through the whole process through a course of daily emails. This not only sets up your website as a marketing tool is shows you how to fill it full of content that your customers will love.

If you want to break free, take control of your website and grow it into an effective lead generation tool that will drive customers to your website 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week then you need to take action.

Sign up for the “7 Week Blueprint for Success” (enter your name and email address in the box above). This weekly course sends emails to your inbox and guides you through the process to create a successful website. This is no empty promise or scam, instead it’s a carefully crafted course to guide you every step of the way. You only need spend a few minutes a day and by the end of the course you’ll have a website to be proud of!

In week 1 – You’ll learn how to build your essential marketing strategy based on what makes your business unique.
In week 2 – You’ll learn the secrets behind successful websites, how to attract and win new business and how to turn sales into long-term customers.
In week 3 – You’ll learn how to focus on your customer’s needs, questions and concerns to create website content that will help them build trust in you. Trust is the magic ingredient that makes them buy from you.
In week 4 – You’ll learn how to create compelling copy that will draw your visitors in. You’ll discover how to write crowd pulling headlines, the key elements of direct response copy and 7 persuasive techniques that will drive them to buy.
In week 5 - You will start to create your Business Web Factory website. You will reserve your domain name and choose your content management system. All will be explained through these daily emails, articles and animated tutorials.
In week 6 – You’ll learn the design essentials that will help you create a site that will always be displayed properly no matter what browser your prospects use, help drive traffic to it and make the search engines love your site.
In week 7 – You’ll learn about promoting your website, discover the secrets of the search engines, find out what landing pages are and why they’re so important and realise the importance of measuring to build sustained success.

It’s time to take control, take ownership and to sign up for the “7 Week Blueprint for Success”. The 100% no risk, double guarantee way to truly start (or restart) your website business in a professional manner.

Don’t be tempted by empty promises and instead bank on the long term formula that will bring you success.
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