Case Study:
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Implementing an e-Commerce Website

Jewellery-to-Wear is an online jewellers stocked with the latest trends in silver and crystal fashion jewellery.

Marketing Objectives:

Jewellery-to-Wear is looking to become a popular fashion jeweller, focusing on quality brands at affordable prices.

Jewellery-to-Wear is looking to build a large customer base and to service these customers with a growing range of quality jewellery.

Website Category: Transaction Orientated

The purpose of the website will be primarily to sell jewellery online. The persuasive architecture must be designed to make the buying decision as easy as possible, providing all the information the customer needs and making the process of choosing a product as easy as possible.

Website Objectives:

  • Sell jewellery
  • Visibility
  • Product information
  • Customer Services


  • osCommerce CMS platform for ecommerce and easy product content management


  • Wireframe layout to assist the graphic designer
  • Colour & styling to be silver and low-key to make the products stand out.
  • Horizontal menu to be generic
  • Vertical Menu to be detailed and list product categories

Wireframe design of the homepage

Wireframe design of the category page

Wireframe design of the product page


Category page

Viewing tray

Info page

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