Case Study: Graphic Alliance
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Implementating a Campaign Orientated Website

Graphic Alliance is a large scale print company and can supply print onto virtually any material that comes on a roll, using inkjet machines up to 5m wide.

Using the latest print technology, Graphic Alliance is able to deliver high quality round-the-clock production as well finishing facilities, e.g. high frequency welding or eyeletting.

The technology allows for proofing and small print runs as well as larger requirements.

Marketing Objectives:

Graphic Alliance is looking to expand into new markets and find new customers.

Website Category: Campaign orientated

The purpose of the Graphic Alliance website will be primarily Lead Generation.

Website Objectives:

  • Visibility
  • Credibility
  • Opening new markets


  • CMS platform for ease of use excellent functionality


  • Wireframe layout to assist the graphic designer
  • Colour & styling taken from their logo
  • Vertical Menu to be detailed and list services and applications

Wireframe design for the homepage

Wireframe design for the innerpages



Quote form

Call to Action
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